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There are some things your family should never have to worry about.  Your funeral is one of them.  Here is what some people are saying about the Purple Shield plan:

We really appreciated mom’s Purple Shield plan (Rose Dinzey).  We did not have to second guess her wishes.  Everything was paid for.  Access to her plan ensured I was not emotionally drained.  We have Purple Shield because we want this for our family.  Joan & Pat Murphy, Moose Jaw

The cost of a funeral is always going up so we thought we would look after things ahead of time.  We do not want to leave any expense to the family.  Millar and Marian Hackney, Riverhurst

Monthly payments make it easy to look after and if we pass away before we finish paying, Purple Shield looks after the rest.  When we did our plans, we had just had two deaths in our extended family.  We want to make sure things are planned and paid for – less for family to worry about.  Angela & Chad Hall, Moose Jaw

Simply put, Bob (Okey) and I wanted it to be as easy as possible for each other and our family.   His wishes were important and it was easy to carry them out with a Purple Shield plan.  Corliss Okerstrom, Moose Jaw

Jack’s mom had a plan.  What a relief not to have major decisions because wishes are already documented and costs look after.  There are some great financial benefits with Purple Shield and with the convenience of monthly payments our plan is taken care of.  Lynn & Jack Doell, Chaplin

Realizing the true cost of a funeral, my husband and I felt we needed to take care of this.  The Purple Shield plan gave me peace of mind when John passed.  Joyce Kinloch, Moose Jaw

My mom and dad had it and we saw how smooth it worked.  So, Joan and I did ours.  The payment plan made it workable in our budget.  When Joan passed away, it was easier to make the remaining decisions and the money was all there to immediately look after the funeral costs.  Ed Tingley, Moose Jaw

The less you have to do and think about the more time you have to take care of the important things and be with family.  My parents (Bert & Mary) and my uncle (Fred) had Purple Shield.  Their plans freed us up.  Shane Cafferata, Mortlach

It was awesome that my dad (Jim) was thoughtful and did a Purple Shield plan.  It saved the stress of choices and costs.  Jeff Fowlie, Moose Jaw

My parents had done this and we thought that was great.  We did not have to be concerned about major decisions or any expenses – there was even money left over.  Our family deserves the same.  Joe & Liz Colwell, Central Butte

Both my Uncle Ed and my Aunt Kay had Purple Shield.  It was helpful to know their wishes and have the costs all looked after.  No hassle, no worry about anything.  Lynne Graham, Moose Jaw

Without a Purple Shield plan, I found it overwhelming to go in and do it all when Hal passed away.  I wanted it to be easier for my family in the future.  Having Purple Shield will reduce the stress on my childrenDot Nicholson, Tagaske


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